New chapters

Slime: episode 4 of chapter 1

RPG: chapter 20 + 21

Just 1 or 2 hours before I post this, author has posted the final chapters of RPG (or the main story at least)

So this novel only has 102 chapters (excluding chapter 0 – prologue + afterword), much shorter than his other works (one with more than 500 chapters, one with almost 300 chapters and both are ongoing)

To celebrate this, we have 2 RPG chapters for this week (again, please dont get used to this)

Also in today, another novel I’m following is announced to end (author said he would post the last chapter within today (JP time ofc)). Feel kinda bad because I like that novel (and I’m not going to translate it anyway cuz my hands are full). I’d just hope it won’t crash and burn like the other novel I mentioned before

Enough shitposting, please enjoy today’s chapters

Also, have I mentioned that wordpress just throw a new editor mode and it look shitty af


This week’s chapters

Slime chapter 1 episode 3

RPG chapter 19

I found a pretty interesting novel and have been following it for a while. But then it suddenly end (a few hour ago) and the ending is super rushed (I think the author can write like about 10 more chapters after the events in the pre-final chapter).

It feels kinda bad to see a novel that suits my taste crashed and burned like that

Enough shitposting, see you next week


Announcement regarding slime + RPG

First, the chapters are here

RPG chapter 17, chapter 18

Slime chapter 1 episode 2

Okay, so here’s the problem. My country seems to have the virus under control for now (it has been 2 weeks without any new cases within the community, there are some new cases from people returning from other countries, but they would be quarantined for 14 days after entering the airport –> not spreading to the community)

This is a good news, but this also means my working schedule is changed again.

Until now, I have to work at home on Wed and Sat, Sun is day off. That means I have 3 days to translate 3 chapters (2 RPG and 1 slime). Starting from next week, I will work on Wed again. That means I probably won’t have enough time to translate 3 chapters per week

I’m not sure about the amount of readers for each series, but I would assume RPG is more popular than slime (cuz 18+ stuff are usually not popular). However, Slime is a guilty pleasure to translate for me, and it get pretty spicy later on.

That’s why, although this decision may affect the number of viewer, I decide to reduce the amount of chapters per week to 2 (1 RPG + 1 slime).

If I force myself to translate then it could be possible to do 3 chapters per week. But then it would feel like a chore and it would suck if that happens, so please understand.

Thank you for reading this rant, and for following this shitty translator (lol)